Artefact Report
Data & AI Transformation for Business


Artefact's team of experts, specialized in data transformation, share their field experience and precise observations through this well-documented report, rich in lessons learned and concrete use cases.


I - Data Readiness

  • Enterprise governance in the data age
  • ORANGE France - AI solution of visual recognition at the service of Orange France technical intervention quality
  • A Practical Approach to Business Impact from Data & AI | Ten Proven Tactics from the Battlefield.
  • From idea to implementation: Becoming an AI Factory
  • CARREFOUR - Google Data Lab Using AI to drive value in store based on the AI Factory’s operating model of Artefact
  • HEINEKEN Brazil - Using the Data Factory methodology as a Revenue Generation Center
  • Data Governance, a prerequisite for AI project success
  • The vital role data governance plays in achieving sustainability goals
  • PIERRE & VACANCES CENTER PARCS - How data governance and data quality can boost digital marketing and activation performance
  • Data Mesh: Principles, promises and realities of a decentralized data management model
  • Why is the “data as a product” concept central to data mesh?

II - AI Industry Solutions

  • Demand Forecasting
    • Demand forecasting: Using machine learning to predict retail sales
    • L’OREAL - Trend Detection Innovating tomorrow’s products today thanks to AI trend detection by Artefact
    • Scoring Customer Propensity using Machine Learning Models on Google Analytics Data
  • AI for Call Centre
    • Powering your call centre with artificial intelligence
    • MAIF - Using Topic Modelling to reduce contact centre bottlenecks
    • Using NLP to extract quick and valuable insights from your customers’ reviews
    • HOMESERVE - Using speech analytics to improve customer satisfaction
  • AI for Finance & Industry :
    • Unlocking the Future: How financial institutions can prepare to scale AI
    • Gaining buy-in for data & analytics initiatives in financial services
    • The road ahead: data-driven sales is critical for the evolving car industry
    • Interview: How Nissan is transforming in the digital world


III - Data for Impact

  • Use data to measure and reduce your environmental impact with Artefact
  • Industrializing carbon footprint measurement to achieve neutrality
  • Applying machine learning algorithms to satellite imagery for agriculture applications
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