Artefact white paper

New challenges and data-driven solutions for the deployment of trustworthy AI in organizations.

In recent years, AI and Ethics have regularly fueled controversies involving major Tech players. 

For trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, the real challenge is to ensure that it is designed in a way that does not reproduce our cultural biases. It is therefore imperative to prepare now to design and maintain trustworthy AI systems.

Many companies are wondering about the strategy and the roadmap to adopt. To support them in their transformation, Artefact and IBM offer concrete solutions based on 3 pillars:

  1. Legal compliance: whether with current or upcoming European and international regulations, which form the basis for ethical and legal AI.
  2. Technical design of AI and its lifecycle: exploring both technical challenges and existing solutions.
  3. Transformation management, or change management: a transverse organizational undertaking to consolidate ethics by design in the corporate culture.

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White Paper Table of Contents

Artefact and IBM are partnering to make machine learning results more tangible and effective by combining predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

1 - Solutions for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence by design: A dialogue between ethics and technology

2 - Between Soft Law and regulatory premises, a legal environment in construction

  • 7 key requirements for trustworthy AI
  • An international legal framework still in development
  • Complying with current regulations and anticipating future ones

3 - Technical solutions to correct biases from conception onwards

  • Why Artificial Intelligence systems may be biased
  • Designing trustworthy AI throughout the system lifecycle

4 - Change Management:Training employees, adopting dedicated governance and systematically documenting processing

5 - Developing less human, but more humanistic systems

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