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In depth research to Meta's open source Robyn and Artefact's GCM MMM solutions

Artefact, in partnership with Meta, conducted an in-depth study to two Media Mix Modeling (MMM) approaches: Meta's Robyn and Artefact's Graphical Causal Model (GCM). In this whitepaper, both models are explained and examined in detail. In addition, both models are tested in a pilot with five international FMCG brands after which the results are compared. 

This whitepaper and the approaches used in the study are looking beyond traditional measurement solutions. The results and take-aways described in the whitepaper provide a starting point all businesses should consider a priority. Download the whitepaper to learn more! 

Table of contents

  • Why an MMM?
  • Deep dive: what's dirving the need for new approaches?
  • Which new approaches are lighting the way?
  • Politing five brands - what are the results?
  • Conclusion: Where and how to start?
  • Why Artefact is your partner on this adventure 
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