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Data for Luxury

How data is transforming luxury in China: a paradigm shift

Artefact's international data and AI experts have written a new 24-page white paper based on their experience and insights gained from working with the world's leading luxury brands. We are pleased to share with you some key excerpts from the topics covered in the paper.


  • IntroductionLuxury market outlook
  • Chapter 2The luxury industry is undergoing a paradigm shift 
  • Chapter 3Four success factors for data transformation in luxury
    • Success factor # 1 – Identify the right clients
    • Success factor # 2 – “Prescribe” the right product offerings
    • Success factor # 3 – Create tool-empowered omnichannel experiences
    • Success factor # 4 – Data and digital is about people
  • ConclusionA three-step approach to data transformation in luxury
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